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Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
  • The purpose of this Agreement is to detail the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters of Busan Foundation for International Activities ('BFIC') and usage of BFIC’s membership Service ('the Service') provided on BFIC website.
Article 2 (Definitions)
  • The following terms used in this Agreement shall have their meanings defined in the following way:

    1. 'The user'
    shall refer to a member or a non-member when connecting to and using the Service provided by BFIC.
    2. 'Contract'
    shall refer to a contract made between the user and BFIC in relation to use of the Service
    3. 'Registration'
    shall refer to a process for completing a contract by agreeing with the terms of use and the privacy policy, and filling out the registration form provided by BFIC.
    4. 'A member'
    shall refer to a person who has consented to the provisions of this Agreement and been issued his/her ID and PASSWORD.
    5. 'User Identification Account'
    shall refer to a user account authenticated by the authentication institute. E.g. Public I-PIN account, Mobile Phone Verification account
    6. 'ID'
    shall refer to a combination of alphabetic characters and numbers selected by a member and provided to BFIC for identification and more efficient use of the Service.(Only one ID shall be issued for each user identification account.)
    7. 'PASSWORD'
    shall refer to a combination of alphabetic characters and numbers selected by the user for protection of his/her personal information.
    8. 'Cancellation of the Service'
    shall refer to the intention of either the user or BFIC to terminate the use of the Service.

Article 3 (Effectuation and Amendment)
  • This Agreement shall become effective when the user subscribes to the Service and accepts the provisions of this Agreement, which will be displayed on the Service screen or put on public notice.
  • BFIC reserves the right to amend this Agreement, either partially or wholly, from time to time, as required. The amended Agreement will be put on public notice and made available on the Service screen. If the user does not express any disagreement within 7 days after the public notice is made available and continues to use the Service, this will constitute his/her consent to the amended Agreement. The user may stop using the Service and cancel his/her registration as a member, if he/she does not agree to the amended Agreement.
  • Concerning matters stipulated in this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail over other relevant laws and regulations.
Article 4 (Applicable Regulations)
  • Concerning matters not covered by this Agreement, relevant laws, regulations or commercial practices, such as the Telecommunications Basic Act and the Telecommunications Business Act, shall govern.

Chapter II Contract for Use of Service

Article 5 (Effectuation of the Contract for the Use of the Service)
  • The Contract for the use of the Service shall be deemed to have been established after BFIC's approval of the user's application.
Article 6 (Application for the Use of the Service)
  • The user shall apply for the use of the Service by filling in his/her personal information as required on the form provided on the member information screen.
Article 7 (Consent of Application for the Use of Service)
  • BFIC will approve user applications upon successful completion of the form stipulated in Article 6 except under special circumstances.
  • If BFIC determines that the service request falls under the following provisions, BFIC may also limit use of the Service or defer approval until the reason for denial is resolved.
    • 1 . When member information is proved to be false (using a borrowed name, an unauthenticated name or another person's identification account illegally) or in cases of reasonable doubt
    • 2 . In any situation where it is necessary for the good of public welfare
      BFIC may deny a service request if it falls under following provisions:
      - When a real name was not used in the request form
      - When a false name or a third person's name was falsely used in the request form
      - When a false entry was posted in the request form
      - When the Service was used to the detriment of Korea's customs, traditions or public safety and well being
      - Other situations where requirements on the application for the use of the Service set by BFIC were not fully met or left incomplete
Article 8 (Amendment)
  • A member shall update his/her submitted personal information as required through the information management process. All responsibilities shall lie with the member in this respect including any penalties that may result from his/her failure to update their personal information.

Chapter III Provision and Use of Service

Article 9 (Use of the Service)
  • BFIC begins the Service from the moment that the application for the use of the Service is approved. However, some service may begin on a designated date.
  • In the event of the inability to provide the Service due to an internal problem, BFIC will notify members or put out a public notice on relevant sites.
  • The Service will be provided around the clock, although that the Service may be temporarily stopped when there is an internal problem or an operational requirement. This includes periodical system checks, in which case BFIC will give users appropriate notice before or after.
  • In some cases, despite successfully completing registration, access to the Service may only be provided to specific members.
  • BFIC may divide the Service and set available times to each divided Service after giving prior notice.
Article 10 (Change in Content Provided by the Service and Stoppage of the Service)
  • BFIC will not be held responsible for any data loss in the Service caused by national emergencies, power failures, equipment malfunctions beyond BFIC's control or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Due to difficulties in providing regular Service, BFIC may stop the Service temporarily after giving one week's notice in advance and shall not be held responsible for any outcomes thereafter. The notice period shall be shortened or omitted in special circumstances. In addition, BFIC will not be held responsible for any data loss in the Service caused by this Service stoppage.
  • If BFIC chooses to stop providing the Service permanently, the second provision will be applied. However, the prior notice period will be one month.
  • BFIC reserves the right to change or stop the Service temporarily after giving relevant notice in advance and shall not impose any responsibility on members or third parties.
  • When a member violates the Terms of Use, BFIC may stop providing the Service to that member. In this situation, BFIC may revoke the member's access to BFIC website and partially or entirely delete that member's previous posts.
  • BFIC may stop providing the Service to a long-term dormant member after giving one week's notice in advance through email or public notice.
Article 11 (Provision of Information and Commercial Advertisements)
  • BFIC may target members with commercial advertisements or information deemed as necessary in connection with members' use of the Service. This may be via e-mail, post, short message Service (SMS), direct mail (DM) or internet messenger. However, a member may refuse to receive unwanted information.
  • In connection with the operation of the Service, BFIC may display commercial advertisements on the Service screen, the Homepage, or in e-mail messages. If a member uses the Service, it is deemed that the member agrees to the use of commercial advertisements.
  • BFIC shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs as a result of a member's involvement in any kind of promotional activities as a result of advertisement or promotional materials seen on the Service.
Article 12
  • When matters posted by a member on the bulletin board or otherwise registered in connection with the Service are judged to fall into the following categories, BFIC may delete them without prior notice and shall not be held responsible for any results that may be caused by it:
    - Contents defaming the honor of BFIC, another member, or a third party through slander or libel
    - Contents aimed at disrupting public order and traditional customs
    - Contents associated with a criminal act
    - Contents infringing on a third party's copyright or other rights
    - Contents not in alignment with the nature of the Service
    - Contents in violation of other relevant laws, regulations or rules set by BFIC
    - Contents in violation of the Terms of Use, those used for commercial business purposes, or illegal and inappropriate content
  • BFIC shall retain the right to edit or move content posted in the Service after three days from the original post without prior notice.
  • BFIC shall delete posts which have expired or whose purpose is unclear after giving one week notice in advance.
Article 13 (Copyright of Matters Posted on the Bulletin Board)
  • The copyright of matters posted on the bulletin board by a member shall belong to that member, but BFIC may use such posts in the other services it provides.
  • A member shall be solely responsible for any results caused by his/her posts on the bulletin board, including copyright infringement (program copyright included), under the Civil Law or the Penal Code.
  • A member shall not use information or material provided by the Service for commercial purposes, including rearrangement or sale of such material.
Article 14 (BFIC's Ownership)
  • BFIC reserves all rights, including intellectual property rights, concerning the Service. This includes rights concerning software, images, marks, logos, designs, Service names, information and trademarks.
  • Unless explicitly approved by BFIC, a member shall not (cause) change, lease, lend, sell, distribute, transfer, sublicense, establish collateral rights or be engaged in the commercial use, either partially or wholly, concerning the rights stated in Paragraph 1, and is not allowed to let a third party to do such actions.

Chapter IV Obligation of Parties to the Agreement

Article 15 (Members' Obligations and Protection of Information Concerning Others)
  • When subscribing to the Service, a member shall provide correct registration information. In addition, immediate updates are required when there is change in registration information.
  • When a user completes the registration process, he/she will receive a User ID and password
  • BFIC is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs due to forgotten or lost member IDs or passwords
  • Members must log out to terminate a session.
  • A member shall not be engaged in the following acts:
  • ① An act causing harm to others, including:
    - Using another person's ID, PASSWORD or identification account illegally
    - Making false statements concerning relationships with a specified person
    - Making a (false) statement intended to slander or defame others
    - Distribution of false information to cause property-related advantage or disadvantage for oneself or a specified person
    - Disrupting the lives of others through the sending of messages, sounds, images or videos causing feelings of disgust, shame, fear, etc.
    - Using the information provided by the Service for profit-making purposes without BFIC's prior consent
    - Using the telecommunications service of others illegally
    ② Putting or offering the following on the bulletin board or sending it via e-mail:
    - Unnecessary or unapproved advertisements, sales promotional material, junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, or any type of pyramid scheme
    - Obscene material, text, software, music, photos, graphics or video messages ('contents')
    - Contents unauthorized by the party holding the relevant rights (including intellectual property rights)
    - Software viruses intended to destroy, disturb, or limit the functions of computer software/hardware or telecommunications equipment
    - Material that contains any other computer code, files or programs
    - Collecting or saving other users' personal information
    - Other illegal or dishonest acts
  • A member shall comply with relevant laws and regulations.
Article 16 (Obligations of BFIC)
  • BFIC shall provide members' requested Service within one business day.
  • BFIC shall provide a stable Service without interruption under this Agreement.
  • BFIC shall be responsible for member's ordinary damages due to the Service provided by BFIC only if they are caused by BFIC's intentional or gross negligence.
  • BFIC shall promptly deal with reasonable opinions or complaints raised by members. In cases where BFIC needs more time to process a complaint, it shall inform the relevant member of the reason and expected time frame for a response.
  • BFIC will do its best to protect members' personal information under the relevant laws and regulations and Article 17 herein.
Article 17 (Protection of Personal Information)
  • BFIC collects members' general information based on what they submit at the time of subscription to the Service. Such information is used in connection with the purpose of carrying out this Agreement and providing the Service.
  • BFIC shall not disclose members' personal information in the course of providing the Service to a third party. Additionally, such information shall not be used for commercial purposes without members' prior consent, provided that what is stated in Paragraph 2 does not apply due to the following events:
    - When there is a request from a relevant government institution for investigation under law
    - When there is a request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee
    - When there is a request in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations

Chapter V Cancellation of Contract

Article 18 (Contract Cancellation and Limits of Use)
  • If a member decides to cancel (withdraw) their contract, the member may request for cancellation through the website of BFIC.
  • BFIC may request for a change or restriction of a User ID or password for the reasons of data security, accordance with ID policy, or to provide smooth service.
  • BFIC may cancel a contract without prior notice when a member is engaged in the following acts:
    - Providing false information such as an unauthenticated name or using another person's identification account illegally
    - Involved in criminal activities
    - Using the Service with the intent to damage national or public interests
    - Using another member's ID and password illegally
    - Damaging other's reputation or giving disadvantage
    - Using several IDs to create multiple registrations
    - Harming or deliberately interrupting the Service
    - Violating the related laws and regulations, and conditions of use established by BFIC

Chapter VI Others

Article 19 (Service Fee)
  • With the exception of information or services provided on a fee-for-service basis, the Service is provided for free.
Article 20 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights)
  • Members are not permitted to transfer, lend or offer as collateral the rights as a member to others.

Chapter VII Compensation for Damage and Others

Article 21 (Compensation for Damage)
  • BFIC is not responsible for damages regarding losses experienced by members during use of the Service as long as BFIC was not intentionally or grossly negligent.
Article 22 (Exemption Provisions)
  • BFIC is exempt from responsibility for the inability to provide the Service in cases of natural disasters regardless of the provisions stipulated in Article 21.
  • BFIC is not responsible for interruptions in the Service caused by the actions of members.
  • BFIC is not responsible for damages or unfulfilled expectations resulting from the use or selection of Service documents.
  • BFIC is not responsible for ensuring the validity, reliability, accuracy, etc., of the documents that members post through the Service.
Article 23 (Competent Court)
  • If a dispute occurs regarding the use of the Service, BFIC and member shall make all reasonable efforts to settle the dispute.
  • Nevertheless, if a suit is filed regarding disputes related to Service usage, a court that follows BFIC's Civil Proceedings will be selected handle the case.

Additional Rules

  • (Effectuation) This Agreement shall become effective on January 1, 2014.