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100 FAQs

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Information on wage and retirement benefits, immigration and visa, transportation and driving, medical care and other civil affairs for foreign workers and multicultural families (married immigrants)

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1. Ordinary Remittance
→ The following information must be written on the application form for international remittance at the nearest bank for remittance. Based on the exchange rate, different fees for remittance will be applied. The remittance takes three to four days.

[Information on the Application Form]
: The recipient's name, resident registration number, home address, bank's name and address, and account number

2. Extraordinary Remittance

1) Visit any agency of Western Union.
- The agencies of Western Union in Korea include every branch of Kookmin Bank (KB),
Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK), Nonghyup Bank and Busan Bank.

2) Complete an application form and provide the amount for remittance together with your identification card.

3) Receive the receipt.
- When the process for remittance is executed online, you will receive a 10-digit Money Transfer
Control Number (MTCN) for the approval of remittance together with a receipt.
4) Provide the recipient of the remittance with necessary information.
- The sender of the remittance must notify the recipient with such information as the sender's name,
the amount of remittance, MTCN and the country of remittance.

* You can also check the state of remittance through the Internet homepage (http://www.westernunion.co.kr).
⇒ When a Vietnamese spouse invites his or her parents from Vietnam, the following documents must be provided. Based on the reason for invitation, additional documents proving the reason for invitation can be demanded.

[Necessary Documents]
- An original copy of the invitation (written by the person with the Korean nationality)
- A memorandum guaranteeing the return of those invited (written by the person with the Korean nationality)
- An original copy of the inviter's marriage certificate / an original copy of the inviter's
certificate of family relationship
- A copy of both sides of the Vietnamese spouse's alien registration card
(When acquiring Korean nationality, it is necessary to submit the spouse's basic certificate.)
- A notarized copy of the Vietnamese certificate of family relationship with translation in either
English or Korean (including the original copy)
- A family photo (including the marriage photo, etc.)
- A copy of the inviter's proof of employment
- A passport, a visa application form, an identification photo (3x4cm)
- Cost: $30 / Time required: 6 days after the application form is received (based on working days)

※ Additional documents can be demanded whenever it is necessary throughout the inspection process.
When a foreign employee is deceased due to a reason other than his or her work, the employee’s family can apply for insurance at the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (main office).

[Necessary Documents]
* An application form for insurance, a certificate of confirmation by the family of the deceased, a death certificate, a copy of the savings account under the name of the family of the deceased

* When a foreign employee is deceased, the subject insurance (departure expiration/returning fees/injuries) will be paid to the family of the deceased.

* The family of the deceased includes anyone who is recognized as an heir by the government of the home country of the insurance beneficiary or the insured.
You can receive financial support through the program of 'One-click Financial Support for Education' provided by the local education office.

* Contents for Support: Tuition fees, food service expenses, after-school lectures, information-oriented educational services (PCs and Internet communications costs)

* Application Method: Register the information of your household and the student in need through the Internet homepage of http://oneclick.mest.go.kr for the program of 'One-click Financial Support for Education'.

* Contact Number for the Person in Charge at the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education: 051-860-0114
It is possible for a person holding an E-7 visa to invite his or her spouse to Korea with the F-3 visa (for accompaniment).

* The application process for the F-3 visa (for accompaniment) is executed at the immigration center in the residential area with the documents prepared by the inviter and the person invited. When the visa number is provided, it needs to be sent to the spouse in China. The spouse in China can provide it to the Korean embassy in China to receive the F-3 visa before coming to Korea.

[Necessary Documents]

Documents Prepared by the Inviter
- An application form for the issuance of the visa
- Attachment of one 3x4cm color photo of the person invited
- A copy of the inviter's passport (the spouse who is staying),
a copy of both sides of the inviter's alien registration card
- A proof of employment for the inviter (the spouse who is staying)
- A tax-payment certificate

Documents Prepared by the Person Invited
- A copy of the passport
- A certificate proving the family relationship
- A marriage certificate (spouse)
- A birth certificate (children)

* In case of Chinese, the following documents are added.
- An original copy and a certified copy of the resident registration card
- An original copy and a certified copy of the marriage certificate
- An original copy and a certified copy of the family's registry list

You can register your new workplace at the local branch of the Korean Employment Information Service in your residential area. The following documents and registration process must be referred to.

* You can apply for a new job at the foreigner's section of the local branch of the Korean Employment Information Service with your alien registration card and passport. You will be notified of a job position later.

* In case of the H-2 visa, you can apply for any job regardless of the category. Also, there is no limit for the period of changing your workplace.

* Location of the Busan Branch of the Korean Employment Information Service: Exit No.1 of City Hall Subway Station on the first line
Duty-free Stores: Silla Hotel, Lotte Hotel, Paradise Hotel
Department Stores: Lotte, Shinsegae
Hotels: Silla, Lotte, Chosun, Ramada
* You can withdraw cash from any ATM with the mark of the China Union Pay card.
- Law Firm Busan Office (T.051-951-7007) / 4th floor of the Busan Bank building on the opposite side of Busan District Court
- Law Firm Woorideul (T.051-949-2001) / 1489-4, Geoje-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan
- Law Firm Dongrae Notarization (for only notarization-related work) (T.051-501-8500) / 1490-3, Geoje 1-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan
- Licensed Shinhan Translation & Notarization (T.051-507-0060) / Next to Kookmin Bank on the opposite side of Busan District Public Prosecutor's Office
- Yong-Byoung Translation (T.080-212-0207) / Next to Yeonje District Office /
It is possible for a spouse with a foreign nationality to join the purchasing and registering process for an apartment unit. The reporting process for the transaction of a real estate property needs to be done through the department of land information at the competent district office for the subject address.
When purchasing an apartment unit with the help of a licensed real estate agent, the reporting process is executed by the agent.

* Necessary documents for a buyer and a seller when carrying out the reporting process for a real estate property: an alien registration card, an agreement, a stamp
According to the Schengen Agreement, it is possible for a foreign tourist to get a visa from one European country and visit its neighboring countries without getting any other visa.

[Schengen Agreement]
- According to this agreement, each European country minimizes the national border system by using a common management policy for foreign visitors' entries and departures in Europe, providing visitors with free access to other European countries.

- Member Countries
: Greece, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Spain, Malta, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland