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100 FAQs

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Information on wage and retirement benefits, immigration and visa, transportation and driving, medical care and other civil affairs for foreign workers and multicultural families (married immigrants)

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An international student holding F-4 visa is a subject for local subscriber of a health insurance. 50% of the total amount in local insurance will be deducted to apply.

★ Total amount of local insurance in 2012, KRW 77,340 - 50%= KRW 38,670 (Amount paid by international student)
If you are an international student currently attending a college, there is no limited time for part-time job during the vacation. However, you can only do 20 hours per week for your part-time job during the semesters.
You are not able to change your visa status from D-2 to D-8. If you would like to operate your own business in Korea, You need to invest more than KRW 300 million according to the Foreign Investment Promotion Act. You need to go through series of legitimate procedures from embassies and legation abroad after the departure in order to issue the visa.
You can extend your visa before the expiration date of staying if there is request for extension of labor contract from business owner. The period given for extension at one time is 1 year at the maximum.
You can register a used motorcycle at the local traffic administration department in district office. You need a transfer certificate, certificate providing terminated usage of two-wheeled vehicle, copy of identification and certificate of insurance subscription to register a used motorcycle. When registering a new motorcycle, you need to have a new product certificate of the two-wheeled vehicle, certificate of insurance subscription and your identification.
First, you need to report the lost of passport at the near police station and apply reissuance at U.S. Embassy in Seoul or U.S. Even you find your passport after received new passport, you are not able to use your lost passport again.

▶ The following required documents to be submitted when applying reissuance of lost U.S. passport

● Writing an application for report on passport lost (DS-64) and then writing an application for passport (DS-11)
★ You are able to write your application online and only you can visit
the embassy (internet appointment is required)
● Police report
● Documents providing U.S. citizen (U.S. birth certificate, naturalization certificate, overseas birth certificate)
● Personal identification card
● 1 passport photo (5cmX5cm), should be white colored background and should be taken within 6 months
● Fees, 135 USD
Yes, you can. A product at least KRW 30,000 purchased at the duty free store and take that out of country within 3 months from purchasing can be reimbursed its VAT. The VAT of a product directly refundable at those tax free stores entered an agreement with reimbursement company (example: Global refund, Korea refund).
A person holding D-2 visa acquired master or higher degree or received 3.0 or higher GPA in bachelor’s degree can extend their visa expiration period for preparation period to get a job in Korea within 6 months at the maximum after the graduation in presence of recommendation from a professor. Also a graduate from college (received 3.0 or higher in GPA) can change the visa status to job seeking visa (D-10) to enter into Korean companies. However, you need a recommendation from the president of a university, advisor or dean if your GPA is lower than 3.0.
You can file a judicial divorce. However, if conciliation is arrived through conciliation procedure before judicial divorce, it results in divorce. However if I doesn’t, you need to go through litigation procedure.

* In case of family violence victimization of married immigrant, report to the police first and the police can forward it to prosecution. Also, you can be protected by women protection organization.
You can get a free medical service from foreigners supporting groups such as Green doctors or Solidarity with Migrants. A foreign worker not eligible to apply heath insurance can be supported from medical service for underprivileged group operated by Busan city when hospitalizing.

▶ Free Treatment Medical Support Institutes

1. Free medical institute

* Name of Institution : Green doctors
* Treatment` Supports : Ophthalmology, dentistry, pediatric hospital, urology,
otolaryngology, surgery department, pediatric hospital,
* Treatment Schedule : Every Sunday 14:00~16:00
* Contact no. : 051-668-8404

* Name of Institution : Solidarity with Migrants
* Treatment` Supports : Internal medicine, surgery department,
dentistry and etc.
* Treatment Schedule : Every Sunday 14:00~16:00
* Contact no. : 051-802-3438

2. Free medical support institute

* Name of Institution : Busan Medical Center
* Treatment` Supports : Hospitalization, surgery and medical expenses,
child delivery examination
* Treatment Schedule : Regular
* Contact no. : 051-607-2058

* Name of Institution : Pusan National University Hospital
* Treatment` Supports : Hospitalization, surgery and medical expenses,
child delivery examination
* Treatment Schedule : Regular
* Contact no. : 051-240-7494

* Name of Institution : Planned Population Federation of Korea Busan Branch
Family Health Center
* Treatment` Supports : Hospitalization, surgery and medical expenses,
child delivery examination
* Treatment Schedule : Regular
* Contact no. : 051-638-6906