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100 FAQs

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Information on wage and retirement benefits, immigration and visa, transportation and driving, medical care and other civil affairs for foreign workers and multicultural families (married immigrants)

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Couple should agree on the right to foster minor children when divorce and if can’t reach the agreement, the Family Court will decide the right to foster based on its authority or request from the person concerned.
If both agreed to divorce, couple can find agreement on the right of foster. If can’t reach the agreement, the Family Court will decide the parentage based on its authority or request from the person concerned. In case of judicial divorce, the Family Court appoint the parentage with its authority.
For foreigner to get a credit card the foreigner should be working to make a payment; the credit card will be issued to one who satisfies certain standard proposed by credit card company.
You can visit <scientific criminal investigation section> at your district police office.
A foreigner not staying in Korea more than 3 months and a foreigner has a clear reason to stay in Korea due to study abroad or employment more than 3 months can subscribe National Health Insurance Act as a local subscriber from the date of entry.
If you wish to send more than KRW 50 million, a foreigner holding employment visa can present income tax statement issued by employer to bank, you can send total income to overseas.
The house owner should return your security deposit once the contracted period expired. If your home owner (lessor) doesn’t return your security deposit, you can file a claim against lessor for not returning security deposit and you can be protected by the law through a leasehold right registration order.
A foreigner holding a short term visa can buy an apartment in Korea. Non-resident foreigner should go through the procedure for real-estate acquisition in accordance with Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, the Aliens Landownership Law and the Real Property Registration Act when acquiring a property in Korea.

▶ Procedure for real estate acquisition

Entered into real estate contract

Report real-estate acquisition (Foreign Exchange Transactions Act).
In case of inflow capitals to Korea to acquire real-estate,
you need to report it to Foreign Exchange Bank.

Reporting to district office within 60 days from the conclusion date of real-estate contract of non-resident foreigner

Applying for registration number for real-estate registration
(Registration number is required for land register.)

Registering ownership transfer
You can apply for disused car through calling junkyard near your place or internet. It is better to go through disused car procedure from officially permitted junkyard. All costs for disused car process are free and you may be compensated upon the type and year of vehicle to be discarded.

[Procedure for disused car]

1. Applying for disused car: you can simply apply for disused car
on the phone or internet.

2. Checking original register: Check for foreclose or security of vehicle
(violation of parking, automobile tax or speeding)

* The presence of security of foreclose will be notified at customer.

3. Tow: Towing a vehicle to junkyard after checking the original register.

* Junkyard provides free towing service to customer’s desired time and location

4. Disused car: After discarded, customers will receive compensation
deducting commissions for disused car from junkyard

5. Obliteration: Report a complete obliteration at the district registration
authority (within 1 month) and receive a certificate of obliteration
after the complete obliteration. *Junkyard will do this behalf of you.
In order to use your cell phone used in overseas, first you need to check your cell phone if it certified from National Radio Research Agency. If it certified, you can open an account for your phone and able to use it.

▶ Homepage of RRA: www.rra.go.kr
▶ Contact no. for RRA: 02-710-6555
If you wish to return your Chinese driver license, you need to show your passport and airline ticket to Driver License Management Complex where your license has returned. When returning your Chinese driver license, the previously issued Korean driver license will not be returned again. Therefore, even you receive your Chinese driver license; you can also keep your Korean license and use it during the valid period.