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100 FAQs

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Information on wage and retirement benefits, immigration and visa, transportation and driving, medical care and other civil affairs for foreign workers and multicultural families (married immigrants)

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You can driver with an international driver license until the date mentioned in the license and the valid period, which is 1 year from the entry date, will not be issued if reached date.
※ If you wish to drive in Korea with an international driver license, the international driver license should be issued either from Geneva Convention countries or Vienna Convention countries.
If you work more than1 year at one company, you can receive the average wage of 30 days for severance pay when resigning. Therefore, you can receive a severance pay. However, if business has less than 4 employees, you can receive 50% of legal severance pay by December 31, 2012 and receive 100% from first of January, 2013. However, the following calculation is for severance pay to foreign worker.

▶ Calculation for severance pay
- Average wage for 30 days (assumption): KRW 1.2 million
- Actual severance pay: Months in 3 years X KRW 1.2 million: KRW 3.6 million
- Refunds from the departure guarantee insurance (assumption): KRW 2.4 million
(paid by Samsung Fire Insurance)
- Calculation of severance pay: KRW 3.6 million – KRW 2.4 million: pay KRW 1.2
million additional
In this case, you can apply for remedy at the Local Labor Relations Committee within 3 months for violation (unfair dismissal) of the law, the Labor Standards Act.

<Procedure of application for remedy>
1) Applying for remedy in 3 months →
2) Local Labor Relations Committee
(Request for a reexamination within 10 days if dissatisfaction) →
3) the Central Labor Relations Committee
(Administrative litigation within 15 days if dissatisfaction) →
4) Administrative litigation (Administrative Court → High Court → Supreme Court)
If the authenticity of your driver license has proved through required document submitted such as Embassy confirmation, you can convert your U.S. driver license to Korean driver license through request test or physical test.

▶ Required documents for converting U.S. driver license to Korean driver license

● Original copy of U.S. driver license
● Written confirmation of U.S. driver license from embassy
● Passport
● Certificate of alien registration
● 3 color photos
● Fees, KRW 16,000
The business owner should pay you within 14 days after the termination of a labor contract with a worker. If the company doesn’t pay you, you can report it as an overdue wage to the district Ministry of Employment and Labor. Within the petition processing period, the business owner pay worker overdue wage but if doesn’t, the worker can request owner to be punished and also file a civil suit separately from criminal proceeding raised by local labor office.
If you worked from 9 am to 9 pm, your overtime work is 3 hours (regular working hour: 8 hours); therefore, your company should pay you 1.5 times of regular wage for extra time you have worked.
Please refer to the following calculation in case of monthly pay schedule.

● Wage per hour: KRW 1,600,000 ÷209 hours = KRW 7,656
● Extra working hours (4 hours) x 1.5= 6 hours
● Calculation for hourly wage: KRW 1,600,000 ÷(209+6 hours) = KRW7,441

※ Current hourly wage KRW 7,441 → the minimum wage in 2013 (KRW 4,860): Received more than the reasonable minimum wage
If it decided to be a disease related to work, you can claim it for industrial damage to Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service. When claiming industrial damage, the documents containing the workplace, details of damage, medical opinions for that damage should have signatures both from employer and employee and the Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service will review the document to determine the industrial damage. However, reason for denial of signature should be written in absence of employer’s signature. Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service will notify the recuperation results within 6 days after confirming the presence of industrial damage.
Even an illegal immigrant, the company offered employment and paid when injured; thus, this person is a labor in accordance with「the Labor Standards Law」. Therefore, a business owner hired more than 1 labor should subscribe ⌜Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act⌟ , the worker can claim compensation for industrial damage at the district Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service.
You can claim for damage at the district labor relations commission for violation of the Labor Standards Act and you can terminate your labor contract with that company.