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100 FAQs

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Information on wage and retirement benefits, immigration and visa, transportation and driving, medical care and other civil affairs for foreign workers and multicultural families (married immigrants)

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Since the first of August, 2012, the list of job seekers is not provided to foreign workers; it is rather provided to business owner only when foreign worker changed the workplace. When a foreign worker registers his/her availability at the employment center, the SNS message about information on company seeking for people will be sent to your mobile phone. Therefore, when there is a interview request to you, you can compare the conditions and decide your employment after interviewing with company.
You need to report your scheduled departure through near employment support center and receive ‘confirmation of departure schedule’. You need fax ‘confirmation of departure schedule’, a copy of alien registration, a copy of bankbook’ to Samsung Fire Insurance.

* Samsung Fire Insurance: Phone 02-2119-2400 / Fax 0505-161-1421
It is right for severance pay to be paid by company; however, in case of a foreign worker entered Korea with an employment license system will get paid their part of severance pay from Samsung Fire Insurance as departure guarantee insurance. Therefore, KRW 1.2 million other than KRW 2.2 million paid by company will be paid by Samsung Fire Insurance.

★ Example of severance pay calculation for foreign worker

The calculation for severance pay when a foreign worker worked for 3 years full is as follows.

- Average wage of 30 days (assumption): KRW 1.2 million- actual severance pay: 3 years × KRW 1.2 million = KRW 3.6 million
- Refund from departure guarantee insurance (assumption): KRW 2.4 million
- adjustment of severance pay: KRW 3.6 million
- KRW 2.4 million = pay additional KRW 1.2 million .
Dual nationality is not allowed since Korean nationality is automatically lost when acquiring citizenship in other country in accordance with Korean law. If you wish to reinstate Korean nationality, you need to submit a certificate proving your abandonment of U.S. citizenship within 1 year from the date of approval for reinstating Korean nationality.
However, if you stay overseas and become older age (65 years old) and wish to permanently return to Korea and reinstate your nationality and if you have contributed special for Korea or recognized as an outstanding overseas talent, you don’t have to “abandon overseas nationality” if you “pledge a nonuser of overseas nationality”.
A person kept alien registration for more than 2 years and became an adult in accordance with Korean civil law; a person or his/her accompanying family able to maintain livelihood; a person equipped with basic knowledge required to live in Korea; a person with well behavior; a person satisfied at least one from the following qualification can apply for F-5 visa.

▶ Subject

● A person with annual income 2 times bigger than GNI per capital in previous year announced by Korea Bank when applying for permanent resident permit
● A person more than 60 years old receiving pension from overseas and his/her annual pension is 2 times more than CNI per capital in previous year announced by Korea Bank
● A person paid more than KRW 500,000 for property tax in previous year or a person didn’t pay the property tax but has equivalent property (property tax should be more than KRW 500,000) under your name (or accompanying family) such as rental security deposit
● A person having more than KRW 2 billion in annual trading with Korean corporate
● A person put investment in Korea more than 500,000 USD
● A representative of compatriot group officially recognized by residence country (a person have worked as a representative of compatriot group for last 3 years included) or a person as a CEO of corporate and recommended by the director of embassies and legations abroad.
Your marriage should be kept more than2 years in Korea in order to apply for naturalization.
You can select a job you wish to acquire in area higher than technician and completed training course at the institute designated by the Ministry of Labor and apply for ‘license issuance’ at the Qnet homepage (www.q-net.or.kr) of Human Resources Development Service of Korea.
If you wish to change your working visa (H-2) to people of Korean heritage visa (F-4), at least one from the following qualifications should be satisfied in order to apply F-4 visa.

▶ Subject

● A person holding a short-term visa (C-3~C-4) or working visa (H-2) with his/her length of stay is less than 30 days in recent 2 years and recorded 10 times or more entries and departures. A person holding a working visa (H-2) living outside of country for more than 150 days annually in recent 3 years after the entry

● A person involved in the following such as national contributor among those holding a H-2 visa

A) A person worked at same business place of manufacturer in rural area
or agricultural, livestock, fishery formorethan2years.

B) A person more than 60 years in Korean age

● A person entered a country before diplomatic relationship between Korea and China and received special approval for staying and visa currently staying in Korea with working visa

● A person acquired national official certificate of technical qualification (certified technician or higher) ( However, construction area not included)
You can leave or enter the country without any problems if you have a ‘fact sheet about alien registration’. You can ask for fact sheet at jurisdictional city hall, district office (gu, gun), community center and immigration office. You can also issue from the customer service homepage (www.minwon.go.kr).
You can register real-estate with an issued ‘real-estate registration no. for foreigner’.

* A ‘real-estate registration no. for foreigner’ can be obtained from Seoul Immigration Office, Sejongno Branch of Seoul Immigration Office and City Hall Branch of Seoul Immigration Office.