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2020 Korean Class

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2020 BFIC Korean class consists of 1st semester, summer class, 2nd semester.
Every foreign resident in Busan is welcomed!

Level Test & Registration

  • For Whom: Foreign Residents in Busan *Only for long-term stay visa holders (longer than 90 days)
  • Period: Aug. 24 (Mon.) ~ Aug. 26 (Wed), 09:00 ~ 24:00
  • How to sign up:
    • Online registration / first-come, first-served
[STEP 1]
Taking the Korean Level Test
[STEP 2]
[STEP 3]
Announcement for student list (8/29)
King Sejong Institute wegsite Google Form BFIC website
Level Test Registration
  • Every applicants should take the “Beginner Test” of Korean level test of King Sejong Institute.
  • Upon to the result of your level test, classes will be divided as follows.
Result of
the level test
1A 1B 2A 2B
Class GA NA DA LA, Writing

Korean Class

  • Period: August 31 (Mon) ~ December 11 (Fri), 15 weeks
    • * Holidays: Chuseok (9/30~10/2), Hangul Proclamation Day (10/9)
  • Venue: Busan Global Center(13F, National Pension Service building, Jungang-daero 1000, Yeonje-gu, Busan)
  • Tuition fee: Free
  • Timetable
  • Day & Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    Room1 Room2 Room1 Room2 Room1 Room2 Room1 Room2 Room1
    GA DA NA LA GA DA NA LA Writing
    Online classes by zoom application
    GA DA NA LA GA DA NA LA Writing
    - In accordance with the policy for operation of facilities for foreign residents responding to COVID-19, the morning class will be face-to-face and the afternoon class will be on online.
    ; - Applicants only for higher than LA level can take writing class.

  • Textbook
  • 한국어강좌 교재
    Level NA (1B) DA (2A) LA (2B) Writing
    초급1 초급2 초급3 초급4 초급4
    서울대 한국어 1A
    Student’s Book
    & Work Book
    서울대 한국어 1B
    Student’s Book
    & Work Book
    서울대 한국어 2A
    Student’s Book
    & Work Book
    서울대 한국어 2B
    Student’s Book
    & Work Book
    한국어 문장
    쓰기의 모든 것
    - Students should buy textbook individually at the book stores.

  • Notice
    • In case of 1 week-absence without notice, the registration will be automatically cancelled. Please inform your absence to the Busan Global Center (1577-7716) in advance.
    • Certificate will be issued only for the students whose attendance rate is higher than 60%. If your attendance is lower than 60%, you can take penalties to the next registration in the future.
    Private Korean Lesson
    • To prevent COVID-19, private Korean lesson is cancelled on the 2nd semester.
    Personal Information
    • Students may receive informative or promotional message related to the Busan Global Center to personal contact.
    • Busan Global Center can take pictures and film videos during the class, and those can be used for promotional materials or uploaded on BFIC's official SNS.