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Student Agreement

  • To register the Korean Class, student must submit ARC and write the agreement letter.
  • You may receive information containing promotion of our organization or related organizations to your personal contacts.
  • We are using pictures, taken at Korean classes, for promotions(facebook, brochures and etc).
  • An absence without leaving and a long-term absence can be causes of dropping out of the classes.
    ※Please inform your absence to an instructor or BFIC staffs in advance.
  • If you attend the classes less than 50%, you may have disadvantage over applying for Korean classes in the future.
  • Students must take a level test.
  • You do not raise any objections to result of the test and contents of classes.
  • After registration closed, no one can apply and sit in on classes.
  • A certification can be provided with more than 60% of attending.
  • Per person, per class allowed on each session.
  • Please pay the fee on the first day of the class to the instructor.
  • The tuition fee will be used for the culture programs such as making Korean traditional food, and taking field trips.
  • The tuition fee will not be returned, even if you drop out of the class or culture programs.
  • Since, the BFIC is a non-profit foundation, a cash receipt(현금영수증) cannot be issued.


  • f you are absent from classes more than 50%, you will have disadvantages when you apply for other semesters.
  • If you are absent from classes without notifying for 2 weeks in a row, your registration will be automatically terminated.
  • It is not allowed to enroll the classes after the semester begins.
  • You can receive the certification if you attend the class more than 60%.
  • All of the students have to submit the copies of ID cards or passports.
  • All of the students have to sign the policy consent form.