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[Notice] 2018 African Cultural Festival (Tue, May 22, 2018 / Busan Cinema Centre(Outdoor))

Announcement 게시판 읽기
Date 2018-03-27 Readnum 799

In order to provide opportunity for Busan citizens to see and experience African countries , African diverse charms, On 22 May, 2018 African Cultural Festival is going to be held in busan! We are looking forward to meeting Busan citizens who want to feel the African culture!


 Date/Time: Tue, May 22, 2018/11:00-18:00

 Venue: Busan Cinema Centre(Outdoor), Centum city, Haeundae

 Expected Participants: About 5,000

 Hosts : Busan City Government, Busan Foundation for International Cooperation(BFIC)

 Main event



 Art Market

 Art Fair

◦ Sahara Exhibition: romantic desert

◦ African Art Exhibition: focusing on local Artists

 Art Market

 ◦ Korean-African Art Market(handicraft, design, etc.)

: Focusing on domestic and foreign artists, communities

 The Coffee Theme

 ◦ Introduction of African coffee(origin, story), cafeteria



 Opening Ceremony

 ◦ Performance, Speeches, etc 

 Other Events

 ◦ An African Story from Okyere Samuel

 ◦ Professional Team: Koule Kan, Twimbo&Africa overland of Harim

 ◦ Performance from communities, Fashion show

 African Cultural Experience

 ◦ Introducing African countries: Costume, Items, Food, etc

 ◦ African Game, Dance, Hair Salon

 Food Truck

 ◦ Over 10 Korean-African Food Trucks


*Opening Ceremony

 Date/Time : Tue, May 22, 2018/ 13:30~14:00


①Watching Video (African activities in Busan)

②Opening Performance

③Speeches (Busan Mayor, Secretary General of BFIC, Ambassador)


[Recruitment of Participants]The 13th Global Gathering 2018 [Booth Operation / Performance / Parade]
[Recruitment of participants] 「'18 Overseas Field Exercises Program for Busan Students」 (Office: KTO Overseas branches)