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2018 BFIC Korean Class Information

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Date 2018-01-05 Readnum 2276
Attach 2018 Korean Class information (English ver_1.).pdf

2018 BFIC Korean Class


We hereby provide you the information for 2018 Korean class for foreign residents in Busan. We look forward to your participation.


❏ For : Foreign residents in Busan who has a permission to stay in Korea for more than 3 months

❏ Schedule

   ▷ Regular Class : 2 terms(15 weeks per term)

   ▷ Special Class : 1 term(7 weeks)

❏ No. of Students : About 30 students in each class (by order of application)

❏ Place : Lecture room in BFIC (Exit no. 2, City Hall Station, 13th floor, Busan National Pension Building)

❏ Fee : 10,000 won * to be paid on the first lecture day (textbook not included) 

❏ Textbook : 열린 한국어 (Yeolin Hangugeo/Open Korean) (Publisher : How) 


❏ Application (Regular Class)


1.Level Test ▷ 2. Class Allocation ▷ 3. Registration ▷ 4.Registration Completed and Lecture Begins.


□ Precaution

  ❍ Level test : Available only with advanced appointment for the application and the test

  ❍ Your next application may be restricted in case you don’t fulfill 50% of presence rate per term

  ❍ Application is automatically canceled in case of absence without leave for 2 weeks

  ❍ No additional application or audit except for the application period

  ❍ Certificate issued to applicants(*only when you fulfill 60% of presence rate)

  ❍ All students shall present the copy of their ID card for application

  ❍ All students shall fill in the consent form and submit the form at the moment of application

  ❍ The tuition fee is used for culture experience activity. No refund available in case of absence or quit at the culture experience activity.

     ※Cash receipt is not issued as it’s the non-profit corporate.  


☏ Contact Foreigner Call Center 1577-7716




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