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BFIC explores and conducts development cooperation projects with local citizens and resources in Busan pursuing sustainable development in partner countries.

  • Vision

    Development Cooperation for Mutual Assistance, Collaboration, and Innovative Growth

  • Goal

    Exploring and Promoting Busan’s Development Cooperation Projects by Applying the Best Practices and Expertise of Policies, Technologies, Resources, and Talents in Busan

  • Strategies
    Strategy 1Strengthening the Results-Based Management
    • Tracking, analyzing, and utilizing of project results consistently
    • Managing the results from city-based development cooperation strategically
    • Strengthening sustainability and impact of projects through a virtuous cycle of evaluation and feedback
    Strategy 2Promoting Busan’s Development Cooperation Projects
    • Securing resources and talents in Busan for effective development cooperation projects
    • Initiating development cooperation projects in the specialized sectors of Busan (film & media, maritime & fisheries, transportation, environment, etc.)
    • Encouraging Busan citizens’ participation in development cooperation activities and projects
    Strategy 3Serving a Platform for Participatory Development Cooperation
    • Disseminating and highlighting the achievements of development cooperation in Busan via the online platform
    • Offering networking opportunities, business matching, and consulting services
    • Enhancing the citizens’ awareness and capacities of development cooperation
  • Busan Global Friends (Yangon), 2019
  • Busan Global Friends (Ulaanbaatar), 2019
  • KOICA Fellowship Program (CIAT)-General Training (Rwanda), 2021
  • Sister Village Project (Phnom Penh), 2019
  • ODA Working-Level Network (Busan), 2019
  • usan ODA Forum (Busan), 2021
  • KOICA Fellowship Program (CIAT)-General Training (Lao PDR), 2019
  • KOICA Fellowship Program (CIAT)-General Training (Ecuador), 2021
  • Busan Global Training Program (CPSC), 2021