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Development Cooperation Dialogue for Sharing and Diffusing the Results

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Sharing and diffusing the results needs to be highlighted as a part of development cooperation. It is aligned with a way of attaining sustainable development based on cooperative relations and partnerships between international development actors. In line with that, BFIC commits to sharing and diffusing the achievements from its development cooperation projects and activities. It also serves as a platform for local institutes and individuals to discuss their ideas and explore various approaches for fulfilling effectual development cooperation and sharing its value in the global society.

Busan ODA Forum

A place for identifying the progress of city-level development cooperation and exploring the next steps of cities pursuing sustainable development

  • Encouraging citizens to carry out effective ways of conducting development cooperation with Busan’s experience and expertise of city development
  • Offering opportunities to develop right resources and competencies required for effective development cooperation in Busan with local actors
  • Measuring the results and issues of local engagement for achieving development goals comprehensively and systematically
  • Discussing and seeking direction and approaches how to conduct development cooperation projects and activities with domestic and international actors of development cooperation with a long-term vision
  • Having presented the progress and achievement of development cooperation in Busan to citizens and aroused their attention for the vital role of local engagement in sustainable development since 2016
  • The special session for commemorating 10th year of the HLF-4 in Busan
  • The keynote speech
  • The panel discussion

6th Busan ODA Forum(2021.11.26)