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Greetings from Chairman

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We sincerely welcome you to the website of the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC), which raises your status through urban diplomacy and creates a happy city with foreign residents.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC) has met the geopolitical requirements of Busan connecting the Pacific Ocean and Eurasia.

Under the goal of "leaping Busan, a global city," the Busan city intends to strengthen international cooperation and promote strategic international exchanges in response to COVID-19.

In line with Busan's urban diplomatic vision, the BFIC is promoting about 40 large and small projects in 2023 to create a global central city of Busan through strategic international exchanges. In particular, efforts to enhance Busan's international image will also accelerate as Busan has applied to host the 2030 World Expo, which can leap into a world city.

In the future, so that our foundation can lead the globalization of Busan citizens, We ask for your continued interest and participation.

Thank you!