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Comprehensive Support Program for Development Cooperation Projects

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BFIC is a public agency designated by Busan Metropolitan City and organizes a comprehensive support program of development cooperation for arousing the interests and encouraging the participation of citizens, institutes, and various entities in Busan. With its platform service, BFIC provides a set of supports covering capacity building programs on development cooperation, incubating services for initiating development cooperation projects, exploring new project opportunities, offering experts consulting, facilitating networking activities, and so on. These are served as a packaged programs or single stand-alone support program tailored to the needs of development cooperation participants in Busan.

  • Nurturing ODA professionals

    Facilitating learning and training of ODA and nurturing young professionals and experts in BusanODA capacity building programs

  • Customized supporting for planning and implementing development cooperation projects

    Supporting for the formation of development cooperation projects in BusanSupporting for incubating service (Mentoring, consulting with experts, all the matter support)

  • Strengthening the network and infrastructure for boosting development cooperation in Busan

    Facilitating collaborative activities between development cooperation experts and potential partners in BusanManaging the Busan ODA experts pool, working-level network activities, and Busan ODA platform (online), etc.

  • Exploring Busan’s development cooperation projects in mid/long-term periods

    Establishing mid/long-term projects based on city-level cooperation in the local-specialized sectorsConducting the needs assessment, feasibility study, and so on in partner countries

Nurturing ODA professionals

This support program highlights the capacity buildings of individuals and institutes in Busan pursuing effective development cooperation with local resources and talents. It provides a series of capacity building courses consist of instructional subjects about development cooperation, practical approaches and project skills, and case studies with sectoral experts. The courses cover from basic up to intensive level learning contents and enable the participants to learn recent information, knowledge, skills, and insight about development cooperation.

  • Basic Course
    Understanding of ODA

    Instructing the concepts and related cases about development cooperation initiated in Busan

  • Intensive Course
    How to Write a proposal

    Serving a series of practical sessions about how to participate in development cooperation projects, write project proposals and conduct field activities

  • Intensive Course
    Introduction to Project Management

    Guiding the learners to understand requirements and skills for being competent project managers with practices

  • Intensive Course
    Sectoral Program

    Learning the latest trends and the project strategies in Busan-specialized projects in line with SDGs

Customized supporting for planning and implementing development cooperation projects

Local institutes and individuals can enjoy supporting services tailored to their capacities and competencies to explore and implement development cooperation projects, apply for bidding and commissioning, conduct results analysis and evaluation, and so on. Consulting and mentoring services are also ready to support the institutes and individuals that want to join in the development cooperation.

Strengthening the network and infrastructure for boosting development cooperation in Busan

We welcome the experts with experience and expertise in development cooperation projects. Any eligible candidate can apply for the Busan ODA Expert Pool to work with local institutes and individuals. For creating the eco-system of city-level development cooperation, this expert pool system is operated as an online platform and offline network activities for inviting various actors of development cooperation.

  • ODA Working-Level NetworkProviding the working-level experts with the networking opportunities for sharing information, conducting cooperative activities, and so on
  • Busan ODA PlatformPresenting the institutional performance of development cooperation in Busan at a glance and facilitating interactions between development cooperation experts and participants
    Offering opportunities for online-based cooperative activities

Exploring Busan’s development cooperation projects in mid/long-term periods

Development cooperation requires a mid and long-term perspective for exploring and implementing projects and activities in pursuit of effective, flawless and timely results. In cooperation with the partner countries and their cities, this sub-program encourages local institutes and individuals to create new projects satisfying the needs of cities and citizens in the partner countries.