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Interpretation & Translation Service

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Interpretation & Translation Service

The BFIC provides free interpretation and translation services to foreign residents, accompanies them when they visit public institutions and hospitals, and helps them settle more effectively in Busan.

  • Who qualifies: Foreigners residing in Busan who visit public institutions (such as Busan City Hall, community centers, multi-family support centers, regional labor administration offices, and employment support centers) and hospitals in Busan.
  • Available languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Uzbek, Thai, Mongolian, Khmer, Burmese and Filipino
  • Charge : free
  • Services :Applying 5 days in advance is highly recommended
    • Interpretation : Up to 2 hours
    • Translation : Up to 3 pages, A4 (Font size 12, Double space)
  • How to apply
    • Tel : 1577-7716
    • E-MAIL : Send the application form to esson@bfic.kr
  • Other matters
    • The interpretation and translation services are provided by volunteers who are not specialists. People making use of their services do so at their own risk.
    • Services do not cover
      • Foreigners staying in Busan on a short-term basis such as tourists
      • Legal judgments and examination results
      • Critical medical diagnoses relating to life and death
      • Official or personal projects and business related matters
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