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Interpretation & Translation Service

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The BGCF provides free interpretation and translation services to foreign residents,
accompanies them when they visit public institutions and hospitals,
and helps them settle more effectively in Busan.

  • For whom: Foreign Residents in Busan (Only for long-term stay visa holders, longer than 90 days),
    Public institutions in Busan
  • Languages
    • English

    • Chinese

    • Japanese

    • Vietnamese

    • Indonesian

    • Russian

    • Uzbek

    • Thai

    • Mongolian

    • Khmer

    • Burmese

    • Filipino

  • Charge : free
  • Interpreter & translator: Supporters (volunteers)
  • How to apply: Please sign up at least 3 days before the service
    • Interpretation : Up to 2 hours
    • Translation : Up to 2 pages, A4 (Font size 12, Double space)
  • Notice
    • The interpretation and translation services are provided by volunteers who are not specialists. Busan Global Center doesn’t take the consequences for the services.
    • All applications and cancellations are made through the Busan Global Center. You can be imposed penalties if applications and cancellations are not made by Busan Global Center.
    • You can be imposed penalties for No-Show, and please submit references for No-Show if possible. No-Show is applied for an applicant or a translator who doesn’t appear on the site for 30 minutes without notice.
    • You cannot cancel the service on the day. Cancellation of the day is considered as No-Show.
    • If the service is not provided due to an organization or an applicant, he/she should submit reference to prove cancellation.
  • Busan Global Center
    (Foreign residents / Public Institutions)
    Interpreter & translator
    ① Signing up the application ③ Matching the supporters ② Application received ④ Providing services