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Promotion video of BFIC (English)

Hello, Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC) is a public diplomacy institution focusing on ‘Glocal Busan’ branding. BFIC’s keyword is “CONNECT”. We connect people with people and cities with cities. Have you heard of ‘Participatory Public Diplomacy by Citizen?’ What are the best ways Busan connects the world and the world connects Busan?

First, we connect with Eurasia.
As the Eurasian gateway, Busan actively engage with countries in Eurasia. If you are a passionate Busan citizen, why don’t you challenge yourself to going on a Eurasia Expedition.

Second, we connect with ASEAN countries by development cooperation projects.
Third, BFIC supports international students in Busan with scholarships and internship opportunities. On top of that, any global citizens in Busan can enjoy various international programs.

In the global Busan city, where 78,000 foreign residents live together, BFIC is right here to give you international networking opportunities, various education, cultural events, and counseling services.

BFIC is a public diplomacy institution in Busan. BFIC has four main project areas: Citizen-participation-oriented diplomacy by strengthening global governance, Busan-specific development cooperation projects, Busan-Eurasia exchange projects and Building global Busan city embracing foreign residents.

We connect you with the world by
World Peace Forum, Busan UN Weeks, Busan Global Friends,Global gathering, Global Citizenship Education, Eurasia Expedition.

BFIC is always connected with you.

2018 BFIC Annual Report

Promotion video of BFIC (English)