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  • International Exchange
  • Supporting foreign residents in Busan and developing citizens’ global mindset

Supporting foreign residents in Busan
and developing citizens’ global mindset

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Counseling services and reinforcing the independence of foreign residents

  • Counseling service Daily living counseling service: informations on Busan life, sojourn, labor, etc. Professional counseling service: law, labor, sojourn, real estate, tax, custom, finance, etc. (11 professional counselors in 8 fields)
  • Free interpretation and translation service Free interpretation and translation service to foreign residents Accompanying foreign residents to assist when visiting public offices
  • BFIC Korean Classes 홈 Contributing to improved Korean proficiency of immigrants in Busan through systematic Korean language courses
  • Supporting foreign communities in Busan Making global Busan by encouraging foreign communities in Busan and sharing global cultures
  • Life in Busan, a guidebook for foreign residents A guidebook and application (@부산국제교류재단) for living and life in Busan for foreign residents
  • Busan Beat, a free quarterly magazine for foreign residents in Busan (www.busanbeat.kr) The only magazine for expats in Busan, covered by foreign residents

Encouraging a global environment and Global Citizenship Education

  • Global Gathering Global cultural festival in Busan at which everyone exchanges and experiences global culture
    [Programs] Global cultural booth, traditional performances from sister cities, citizen participation programs, etc.
  • Homevisit Building solidarity, and cultural understandings and exchange between expats and
    Busan citizens during visits to the homes of Busan citizens
    [Programs] Expats experiencing everyday life through visits to the homes of Busan citizens
  • Busan Global Supporters Busan Global Supporters, composed of Busan youths by BFIC, plan and run global exchange programs
  • Busan Global Center A place for foreign residents in Busan to communicate and exchange information,
    consisting of a conference room, two lecture rooms, a counseling room, and a lounge
  • Global Citizenship Education Educational sessions offered to Busan citizens to further global citizenship and a globalized Busan
    [Programs] Global Citizenship Education by lecturers from different countries,
    special lectures on globalization (qualified lecturers are sent to schools or enterprises)
  • Cultural awareness mentoring University students help teenagers from multicultural families learn more about Korean culture and careers

Suppoting International students and foresting talent

  • Academic and living support for international students Improving international students' satisfaction of living in Busan
    [Programs] Scholarships, managing international students network
  • Promoting vocational abilities of international students Increasing the employment opportunities for international students, understanding Korean corporate culture
    [Programs] Internships and career developing programs for international students
  • Busan International Students Support Association Operating regular meetings for staffs who are in charge of international students in universities in Busan
    [Programs] Operating regular meeting

Busan Foreign Residents Council

  • Busan Foreign Residents Council Seeking and implementing practical and important policies through meetings
    [Programs] Subcommittee service → council briefing sessions (suggesting policies)