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Expat Community Support

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외국인콜센터 모습

Procedure of Public participation

To activate the activity of foreigner communities and develop the mutual interactions and friendship between foreign residents and Busan citizens, BFIC is operating supportive programs as listed below for foreigner communities in Busan.

Business name ㆍCultural event supporting for foreigner’s community
Duration of the project ㆍFebruary-December
Target for support ㆍForeigner cultural events hosted in Busan (about 35 events)
ㆍVarious cultural events on music, sports, food and clothes organized by Foreigner communities
Selection proceture ㆍSelection by evaluation
Contents of support ㆍAdministrative and financial supports of foreigner community events (culture, festival, sports, charities, etc.)
ㆍHolding foreigner consultation meetings : twice a year
ㆍExchange event between foreign residents and Busan citizens : twice a year
How to apply Contact to Busan Global Center
※ Contact: +82-51-711-6845 / 6821)
Qualification requirements ㆍConference or organization consisting of foreigners based in Busan. The purpose should be promoting friendshipㆍinformation exchangeㆍ mutual exchange and etc.
(※except for commercial organizations)

ㆍEvents related to cultureㆍartsㆍsportsㆍexhibitionㆍfestivalㆍeducationㆍconference
ㆍEvent recognized requiring support, comply with other business objectives