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Greetings from Secretary General

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The BFIC's staff numbers have continuously increased since its establishment in February 2006; our activities have been growing to enable us to continue providing services to people and promoting international exchanges with global cities.

In 2013, in cooperation with 17 universities in Busan, we organized a council for international students to provide greater convenience. We also introduced programs such as the world language class offering Busan citizens the opportunity to learn about different cultures, a UN simulation meeting, and a home visit program.

In the future, we need to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with various private organizations to share information on exchanges and improve their effectiveness.

Also we have strengthened exchanges and cooperative relations with other international organizations such as the Korea Foundation, KOICA, and the Asean-Korea Centre to allow for a unified response and to spread the reach of organizations focused on international exchanges into the provinces. We will also make an effort to enhance our internal capability to enable us to take over in some areas and be more efficient in the provinces.

Thank you.

Secretary General of the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation Alok Kumar Roy