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Greetings from Secretary General

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Welcome to the website of the BFIC
(Busan Foundation for International Cooperation)!

In 2020, BFIC is striving to build Busan as the global ocean captial, and to diversify the locality of Busan which embraces people from all over the world.

01 Urban diplomacy and networking
02 Networking for New Southern area and implementing Busan-specific ODA (Official Development Assistance)
03 Networking for new Northern area and promoting of Busan Gate way
04 Nuturing young global professionals
05 Global city Busan with citizens and foreign residents

for 2020’s five missions above, BFIC is previously working on about 40 projects.

With professional work experience of BFIC Staffs, the foundation will lead the globalization of Busan in 2020.
We, BFIC will do our best to make Busan a happy city for all citizens and foreign residents in Busan.

We go together!

Secretary General of the BFICChung, Jongpil