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  • International Exchange
  • Nurturing young global professionals

Nurturing young global professionals

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Creating opportunities for the future young professionals

Providing internships & leadership programs

  • Detail : Nurturing competitive future young professionals that meet the vision and goals of Busan
  • Programs : Young Professional’s Training Program for International Cooperation, internship exchanges between sister cities (Busan-Japan university student internships, internships in Cebu, internship programs in overseas offices of the Korea Tourism Organization, internships in diplomatic establishments abroad and international organizations)

Busan International Organization Academy

  • This is an academy for citizens who want to work for international organizations, which provides guidelines to enter international organizations and connections to internships or actual employment in international organizations.

Assisting global youth startups

  • Sending Busan youth to Startup Weekends or Startup Camps in Japan or ASEAN countries to help youth employment through assisting global youth startups


  • Sending Busan university students to Beijing for events related to startups to encourage global startups

Young Professional's Training Program for International Cooperation, 2017

Busan-Japan University Student Internships, 2017