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Annual schedule

TEXT SIZE 글자 크게 글자 작게
no Country Organization Event Date
1 Kenya Kenya community 2016 New Year meeting February 9th
2 Cambodia Cambodian Association in Busan Khmer New Year Festival March 2nd
3 Multinational Dog owner’s club in Korea Spring dog owner’s club meeting April 19th
4 India Korea India Association 2016 Holi Hai April 3rd
5 Multinational Global Green Stewards Clean up day April 16th
6 Multinational Busan Cinema Center Volunteer work in Busan cinema April 23rd
7 Multinational BIWA Spring charitable work April 23rd
8 Philippines Philippine Academy in Korea Philippine Tandem activity community April 28th
9 Philippines Filipino Community in Busan Basketball League May 1st
10 Multinational Busan Volunteer Service Children's Day volunteering May 5th
11 Europe European Chamber of Commerce in Korea Taste of Europe May 13th
12 Multinational Busan motorcycle Busan Motorcycle Festival May 14th
13 Kenya Kenya community 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
14 Brazil Korea Brazil Association 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
15 Multinational Global Green Stewards 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
16 Slovakia Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Korea 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
17 Germany German Embassy 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
18 Ecuador Ecuador Embassy in Korea 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
19 Iran Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Korea 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
20 Paraguay Embassy of Paraguay in the Republic of Korea 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
21 Dominica Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Seoul 2016 Global Gathering May 21th
22 Kenya Hwamyong middle school Introduction of Kenyan community and support lecture May 30th
23 Iran Iran Entekhab Iran Entekhab guests visit June 1st
24 Kenya Busan Sajik girl’s high school English club talk show June 1st
25 Multinational Acro yoga Korea Acro yoga Korea Festival June 19th
26 Mongolia Mongolian Council for Cultural relations Mongolian athletics meeting and Korean wrestling contest July 10th
27 Multinational M-kids soccer team Summer camp July 24th
28 Nepal Society of Nepalese Students in Korea Regular meeting of the international students from Nepal August 13th –14th
29 Kenya Kenya community Annual retreat in Busan August 13th
30 Beurundi Beurundi community Summer Culture Festival August 26th
31 Nepal Nepali Teej Festival Association in Korea Teej September 4th
32 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Workers' Meeting Sri Lanka Festival September 16th
33 Philippines SAPINAKO SAPINAKO 12th anniversary commemoration September 16th
34 Nigeria Nigeria Independence Day Nigeria Independence Day October 1st
35 Multinational Busan Cooking Club Taste of Busan October 22nd
36 India Indian Diwalli Festival Community Diwalli Festival October 29th
37 India, Malay Sajik girl’s middle school Sajik girl’s middle school’s special lecture about ‘Global Culture’ November 25th/27th
38 Multinational Korea International Migration Association Migration friendship night busan November 27th
39 Multinational Dabarkads Christmas party December 25th
40 Multinational Busan abandoned pet sanctuary Volunteer dog walking Every sunday
41 Indonesia Kyungsung University traditional Dance Association Knock, Knock, Indonesia November 7th