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  • International Exchange
  • Urban diplomacy and international exchanges by civilians

Urban diplomacy and international
exchanges by civilians

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Promoting urban diplomacy by civilians

Korea-China-Japan children’s exchanges

  • Detail : Promoting mutual understanding of cultures and friendship among sister cities of Korea, China and Japan
  • Programs : Korea-China-Japan Children’s Painting Exhibitions 홈

Youth exchanges

  • Detail : Cultivating global professionals and their exchanges through youth exchanges among sister cities
  • Programs : Surabaya/Chongqing/Kaohsiung/Vladivostok Youth Exchanges(including visiting schools, homestays, cultural experience)

Citizens’ cultural and sports exchanges with sister / friendship cities abroad

  • Detail : Encouraging international exchanges with leisure sports exchanges by citizens from sister cities
  • Programs : Busan-China cultural exchange, Busan-Nagasaki cultural exchange, Busan-Beijing environment exchage

Busan Familiarization Tour for Diplomatic Missions in Korea

  • Securing opportunities for mutual exchange and collaboration between countries by promoting excellent initiatives in Busan


  • Holding UN WEEK events related to world peace under the theme of peace, freedom, human rights, love, etc.


  • Building a continuing partnership with ASEAN countries, exploring Busan-ASEAN cooperation projects and expanding cultural consensus

Enhancing networks with cities abroad and reinforcing connections

Supporting cooperation and events with sister / friendship cities

  • Detail : Improving public diplomacy and the image of Busan through exchanges by citizens and performance teams
  • Programs : Participating in camps abroad (China, ASEAN countries etc.)

Operation advisory council for international exchange

  • Promote and activate diverse international exchange projects and discover new businesses

The World Peace Forum, 2021

The On&Off ASEAN Food Show, 2021

The 2021 Busan ASEAN Week

The Digital-based International Cooperational Consulting & Matching Service (2021)