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  • Urban diplomacy and international exchanges by civilians

Urban diplomacy and international
exchanges by civilians

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Promoting urban diplomacy by civilians

Korea-China-Japan children’s exchanges

  • Detail : Promoting mutual understanding of cultures and friendship among sister cities of Korea, China and Japan
  • Programs : Korea-China-Japan Children’s Painting Exhibitions 홈

Youth exchanges

  • Detail : Cultivating global professionals and their exchanges through youth exchanges among sister cities
  • Programs : Surabaya/Chongqing/Kaohsiung/Vladivostok Youth Exchanges(including visiting schools, homestays, cultural experience)

Busan Global Expedition

  • Detail : Sending university students to internationally important locations by theme such as politics/diplomacy, economy/industry, culture, sports and education
  • Programs : Busan Global Expedition to China, Japan and ASEAN countries(including visiting global companies and universities, visiting economic or industrial zones, exchanges among university students, cultural experience, presentations on outcomes)

Citizens’ cultural and sports exchanges with sister / friendship cities abroad

  • Detail : Encouraging international exchanges with leisure sports exchanges by citizens from sister cities
  • Programs : Busan-shanghai badminton, Busan-Shimonoseki marathon, Cultural performance team to the Little Busan Festa in Shimonoseki

Enhancing networks with cities abroad and reinforcing connections

Supporting cooperation and events with sister / friendship cities

  • Detail : Improving public diplomacy and the image of Busan through exchanges by citizens and performance teams
  • Programs : Participating in camps abroad (China, ASEAN countries etc.)

Supporting international NGOs

  • BFIC has discovered and assisted outstanding private organizations while supporting international NGOs. As a central agency for international exchange projects, BFIC has promoted its status and connections with relevant organizations.

Busan-Surabaya Youth Exchange Program, 2017

Korea-China-Japan Children's Friendship Painting Exhibition, 2017

Busan Day In Chicago, 2017

Busan Day In Chicago, 2017