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Development Cooperation (ODA)

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Enhancing International Development Cooperation

Development Cooperation (ODA) training

  • Detail : Strengthening the international status and competitiveness of Busan, and contributing economic and social development by assisting the improved capabilities of the recipient countries, through overseas initiating sister cities and major partner countries of Busan into exemplary policies and technologies (including city planning, public transportations, fishery, agriculture, health care and finance)
  • Programs : Expert lectures for leading figures from developing countries, field training, workshops, culture exploration, and creating cooperative projects

Sending Busan Global Friends, a volunteer group

  • Detail : Constructing a volunteer group of Busan citizens (including university students, health care providers, engineers) as part of citizen participation-based ODA projects, Reinforcing global citizenship and city diplomacy through visits to sister cities and friendship cities
  • Programs : Sending Busan Global Friends to cities including Yangon and Ulaanbaatar (educational, medical and general volunteering, cultural exchanges)

Establishing Sister Villages in sister cities

  • Detail : Sister Villages to improve facilities and the quality of life in impoverished areas of sister cities
  • Programs : Improving the learning environment of children and renovating kindergarten facilities (Ulaanbaatar), Follow-up monitoring of and renovating the Choeung Ek Health Center (Phnom Penh)

Raising ODA Consciousness and Improving Partnerships

Busan ODA Forum

  • Hosting the Busan ODA Forum and additional events for international development cooperation officials and experts, and Busan citizens to discuss growth and expansion strategies for the Busan ODA

Operating ODA working-level network

  • Working-level talks among ODA executive organs, including the KOICA Busan office, universities, as well as NGO, government, and city-affiliated organizations, to find ODA cooperative projects and intensify network

Operating ODA Projects Outsourced by other Organizations or through Winning Public Bids

Operating KOICA global training

  • Laos CPR training for health care providers (2019-2021)
  • Ecuador traffic safety training (2019-2021)

Operating outsourced projects

  • Smart finance training for financial officials from Nepal (outsourced by: Colombo Plan Staff College)
  • Training for government officials from developing countries (outsourced by: Busan Metropolitan City)

Busan Global Friends Yangon, 2019

Busan Global Friends Ulaanbaatar, 2019

ODA training, 2019

Establishing Sister Villages in sister cities, 2019

Operating ODA working-level network, 2019

Busan ODA Forum, 2019

Operating KOICA global training(Laos), 2019

Operating KOICA global training(Ecuador), 2019

Smart finance training(Nepal), 2019