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Korean Class

TEXT SIZE 글자 크게 글자 작게
Semester Registraion Course
1st Feb 1(Thu) – Feb 14(Wed), 2 weeks Mar 4(Mon) – Jun 14(Fri), 15 weeks
2nd Jul 18(Thu) – Jul 31(Wed), 2 weeks Aug 19(Mon) – Nov 29(Fri), 15 weeks
Time Mon, Wed Tue, Thu Fri
Level Basic 1 Basic 3 Basic 2 Basic 4 Speaking 1 Speaking 2
Venue Busan Global Center Busan Global Village Busan Global Center Busan Global Village Busan Global Village Busan Global Center
Level Basic 1 Basic 3 Basic 2 Basic 4 Speaking 1 Speaking 2
Venue Busan Global Center Youth Do Dream Center Busan Global Center Youth Do Dream Center Youth Do Dream Center Busan Global Center

※ The textbook is not provided as a pdf and must be purchased by yourself.

교재 정보
Basic 1~4 Speaking 1~2
Basic 1: 서울대 한국어1A
Student’s book+Workbook(2권)
Speaking 1: 새 연세한국어 듣기와 읽기 3-1
Basic 2: 서울대 한국어1B
Student’s book+Workbook(2권)
Speaking 2: 새 연세한국어 듣기와 읽기 4-1
Basic 3: 서울대 한국어2A
Student’s book+Workbook(2권)
Basic 4: 서울대 한국어2B
Student’s book+Workbook(2권)

Level Test & Registration

For Whom: Foreign Residents in Busan * Only for long-term stay visa holders (longer than 90 days)
How to sign up

To register BFIC Korean Class, a deposit of 50,000 KRW must be paid in cash on the first day of class.
If the attendance is over 60%, the deposit will be fully refunded.

Korean Class

  • Busan Global Center’s Korean Class is free and only for foreign residents in Busan with long-stay visas.
  • Every student must take the "Level Test"
  • You have to go through a test with your own skills to be assigned to the correct class. Existing students cannot raise their level by more than 2. It is possible to lower your level.
  • Due to the limited number of students, registration is first-come first-served basis. Students will be notified by individual e-mail or SMS, please let us know an accurate e-mail address and a mobile phone number that you can be reached.
  • Every student should show ARC to the staffs, and agree to the notice and personal information collection and usage agreement.
  • In case of 2 week-absence without notice, the registration will be automatically cancelled. Please inform your absence to the Busan Global Center (1577-7716) in advance.
  • Certificate will be issued only for the students whose attendance rate is higher than 60%. If your attendance is lower than 60%, you can take penalties to the next registration in the future.
Textbook &
Tuition Fee
  • Every student should buy textbook at the bookstores
  • Tuition fee is free
Personal Information
  • You may receive informative or promotional message related to the Busan Global Center to your personal contact.
  • We can take pictures and film videos during the class, and those can be used for promotional materials or uploaded on BFIC’s official SNS.