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City-to-City Development Cooperation Projects

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Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is not limited to global level discussion but should harmonize with the development needs of local areas and citizens. Under rapid changes in the global society, cities connect city to city and people to people and take a pivotal role to broaden the horizon of development cooperation. BFIC catalyzes a participatory approach in development cooperation for local areas and people by connecting cities.

Busan Global Training Program

A training program for building capacities of policy making and relevant expertise required for sustainable city development in the partner countries

  • Designing curricula for learning trends and technical issues covering from a basic and manufacturing industries to innovative technologies and relevant business
  • Training policymakers and experts from Busan’s sister cities in the partner countries and encouraging them to share their expertise and knowledge and make cooperative activities for attaining the SDGs
  • Providing both theoretical and practical learning sessions tailored to the needs of the trainees in cooperation with BFIC’s training partner organizations and professionals
  • A multilateral training session in cooperation with CPSC
  • An online seminar with the transportation experts from Ho Chi Minh City
  • A real-time online training session from Busan

Busan Global Training Program 2021

Busan Global Friends

A participatory Development Cooperation between citizens from Busan and Partner Countries

  • Strengthening city diplomacy and realizing social value based on Busan citizens’ talents and voluntary participation
  • Organizing various volunteering programs aligned with sustainable development and oriented to the needs of local citizens in cooperation with the volunteers from Busan and local partners together
  • Providing citizens with opportunities to join development cooperation activities and cultivate their global citizenship
  • Serving well-organized programs in cooperation with higher education institutes and civil society and applying their expertise for enhancing the effectiveness of the programs
  • The virtual youth volunteering session with Lao PDR
  • A group of local youth volunteers in Lao PDR
  • The ceremony for donating K-medical kit to Mongolia
  • Online medical seminar between Mongolia and ROK(Busan)

Busan Global Friends 2021