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Personal Information Protection Policy

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Personal Information requested by BFIC
BFIC collects the following personal information to provide basic and customized services to residents.
Information Collected :
- Required: full name, ID, password, e-mail address

1. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

BFIC collects personal information for the following purposes: BFIC shall handle all personal information according to the "Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use" listed below in order to provide comprehensive support concerning personal information protection. Information collected shall not be used for any other purpose other than those set forth herein. In the event of a change in the purpose stated herein, BFIC shall take the necessary steps, including the acquisition of individual consent.

  • BFIC will collect personal information for the following purposes:
    • - To manage the members of the city website
    • - To verify user identities in accordance with the Policy on Limited Verification of Identity on Internet Use and or for the purpose of retrieving member passwords
    • - To check information system access records and communication data
    • - To provide webmail and customized mailing services for members
    • - To conduct surveys
    • - To convey public notices

2. Retention Period of Personal Information and Length of Use

  • Our foundation collects the minimum personal information required for operating our homepage when user joining to supports in our homepage, writing a post or sending an e-mail to homepage administrator.
  • The personal information collected is the item indicted on supports joining page and editing form in each board in our homepage.

3. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

BFIC shall retain and use personal information collected while service is provided from the point of registration. When a subject's personal information becomes no longer necessary due to a request for cancellation of membership or the withdrawal of consent for collection of personal information and purpose of use, BFIC shall destroy that personal information immediately.

  • However, the following personal information will be retained due to the reasons stipulated below:
    • - Cancelled member IDs and individual identification codes will be retained to prevent any disruption in service to other members.
    • - Bulletin board posts and information included in electronic civil petitions and complaints including user IDs, names, and email address will be kept in accordance with the Act on the Management of Archives by Public Agencies, Civil Petitions Treatment Act, etc.
      ※ Members may also choose to delete their bulletin board posts before cancelling their membership.

4. The Right to Disagree

  • You may disagree with this Agreement by leaving the "I agree with the Terms of Use." box unchecked. By not accepting the Terms of Agreement, you are not accepted as a member, and therefore, your login to BFIC website and the use of its services will be limited.