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[Event] Global Gathering 2023 SNS Review Event

Announcement 게시판 읽기
Date 2023-06-02 Readnum 1298



❤Global Gathering 2023 SNS Review Event❤
Share your SNS participation reviews of
the Global Gathering 2023, and take the awards. 🎁

Provide gifts to 20 selected event participants with the best reviews😎😎!!

✅Targets : Global Gathering 2023 Participants(Domestic Residents)
✅Deadline : June. 11(Sun) 23:59
✅How to participate in
1) Leave the reviews of Global Gathering 2023 in your personal account on
your Social Media such as Instagram and blog etc.
2) Click the @bfic_official Account Story or Global Gathering2023 Story Highlight
'Participate in Review Event' button
3) Fill in your personal information and the URL of the review post into your Google Form
✅Prizes :
1st  Hotel Voucher(1 person)
2nd Surfing Class Voucher(4 ppl)
3rd BusanSEALIFE Voucher(10 ppl)
4th X the SKY  Voucher(5 ppl)

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[Announcement] Global Gathering 2023 SNS Review Event
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